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Veterinary Cardiology Consultants


Student will be experiencing a privately owned cardiology practice. The student will be taking medical history from clients, performing diagnostic tests, and reporting findings back to clients. diagnostic procedures include: cardiac auscultation, cardiac ultrasound, ECG, holter monitor, thoracocentesis, percardicentesis, and radiographs.

Associate Veterinarians and special expertise available

There will be two board certified Veterinary Cardiologists and two licensed veterinary technicians on staff at all times.

Educational Resources

  • Cardiac and emergency medicine books located on site
  • Associated with an emergency clinic that student can observe interesting cases if not busy
  • Two veterinary cardiologists to discuss cases with and ask questions


  • Student will be expected to obtain pertinent history from owners as well as perform thorough physical exam.
  • Student will be expected to use diagnostic procedures and come to a list of differential diagnoses or a clinical diagnosis and develop a therapeutic plan of action.

Student Supervision

8 hours a day, 5 days a week



Practice Information

Veterinary Cardiology Consultants
24360 Novi Road, Suite A
Novi, MI 48375

Ph: 248-348-1788
Fax: 248-348-1784


Updated: 01/05/11
Signature on file: Bill Brown, DVM, DACVIM

Novi MI
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