Vet Olympics

May 6, 2011

Sand volleyball. Yes, even in central Ohio.

Look at that perfect form.

"It's gonna hit me I just know it!"

"Look how high I can bat that towel."

"Got it! Oops. Sorry. Forgot I am not allowed to use my hands."

"C'mon. Kick the ball already."

"OK, you asked for it!"

Time out. Just look at that physique.

Dr. Pinto. There he goes again barking out orders.

"OK, I quit. Let's go get a drink."

"Red Rover, red rover, send yourself right over."

"Guess I missed the memo about the red shirts."

"Now this is what I call exercise."

"Hey buddy. I got your back."

"I can get this ball coming or going."

"Ah, I love you too, sweetheart."

"You can lead a llama to water but by gosh you can't drag him through the cones."

"Do you think if we stare long enough he won't notice we are taking his food?"

"Hey look guys. Someone is over there in the parking lot."

"If I told you once I told you a hundred times. Do not just stand in front of me or you might get kicked."

"I might get a better grip if I sit down and pull, ya think?"

"Yeah baby. We cool."

"We better practice with watermelon before we do the cake thing at the wedding."

"Oh my gosh I think I'm gonna blow!"

"Open wide now..."

Let them eat cake!

"Yuck! What's in these things?"

"I swear it. The fish was this big."

"I learned this watching the gowning and gloving techniques video."