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VCA Veterinary Referral Associates

Small animal specialty and referral practice
tailor the experience to the students' interests. Options are
available for spending time with one specific service vs multiple
currently have 32 doctors on staff including interns (small animal
rotating, small animal emergency/critical care, exotics), residents
(emergency/critical care, internal medicine), internship trained
associates (working in anesthesia, emergency/critical care). We also
have the following specialty services supported by board certified and
board eligible doctors: Emergency/critical care, internal medicine,
medical oncology, radiation oncology, diagnostic imaging (including
ultrasound, CT, and MRI on site), ophthalmology, surgery,
neurology/neurosurgery, physical therapy/rehabilitiation, and exotics
Journals, books, internet access, daily rounds, didactic teaching seminars, journal club
general, we expect them to attend daily morning rounds and seminars,
come to work with an eager and engaging attitude for learning, and
follow through on any tasks assigned (follow up reading on a patient,
for example). More specific responsibilities are directed toward the
students' interest for how they spend their time here and the
interactions with clinicians with those specific services
We have doctors on site and available 24/7/365
VCA Veterinary Referral Associates
500 Perry Parkway

Gaithersburg, MD 20877
Dr. Katherine Skelly
Updated: 05/21/12
Gaithersburg, MD
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