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VCA Veterinary Care Referral Center


Our hybrid hospital offers opportunities with a variety of specialists and general practitioners:

  • General Small Animal elective
  • Ophthalomology elective
  • Oncology elective
  • Cardiology elective
  • Surgery elective


Associate Veterinarians and special expertise available

General Practioners:

  • Dawn Nolan DVM
  • Shirley Russman, DVM (strong exotics background)
  • Fran Kondek, DVM
  • Melinda Eyrich, DVM
  • Dave Schoonover, DVM
  • Sonya Wesselowski, DVM


  • Zachary Wright, DVM DACVIM (oncology)
  • Tom Hribernik, DVM DACVIM (medicine)
  • Phil Ries, DVM DACVIM (medicine)
  • Don Waldron, DVM DACVS
  • Brian Rose, DVM (board eligible for surgery)
  • Michelle Rose, DVM DACVIM (cardiology)
  • Nancy McLean, DVM DACVO
  • Carol Breslin, DVM (dental resident)

Educational Resources

  • A brand new $2000 library was recently added.
  • computer data bases
  • rounds
  • Weekly CE lectures are given to the interns every Wednesday


Externs are treated professionally and courteously. Students are expected to attend and participate in hospital rounds every morning. They will be given the choice on which services they would like to participate in. While on each service, we encourage active participation and questions. We are a very hands on hospital and allow most of our externs the opportunity to do all they feel comfortable with doing.

Student Supervision

10 hrs/day; 50 hrs/week


Not on the site

Practice Information

VCA Veterinary Care Referral Center
9901 Montgomery Blvd. NE
Albuquerque, NM 87111

Ph: 505-296-2982
Fax: 8116-822-2573


Updated: 8/10/09
Signature on file: Dr.Zachary Wright

Albuquerque, NM
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