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VCA Old Town

and exotic animal practice exposing students to the daily life of a
general practitioner, surgery, dental procedures, and Eastern medicine.
will experience the everday life of a general practitioner in a 4
doctor practice in Old Town Alexandria, VA. Students will see
appointments, work up cases with the doctors, and participate in a
variety of surgeries. Students will also have exposure to exotic
animals, herbal medicine, and acupuncture.
  • acupuncture certified
  • ultrasound
  • communication training
  • Access to VIN
  • Hospital Library
  • Journals
  • Participate in working up appointments
  • Take part in surgeries and dentals
  • Attend CE lectures on and off site
  • 9-5pm Mon-Fri and one Saturday
  • Attend CE lectures
  • More hours if the student is interested
VCA Old Town
425 North Henry Street

Alexandria, VA 22314
Laura MacLean
Posted: 12/13/12
Alexandria, VA
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