VCA Northwood Animal Hospital

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Northwood provides care 24 hours a day. We have a general practice, an emergency practice and a surgical referral practice. The ER practice has a veterinarian and technicians on premises whenever the general practice is closed. A criticalist is part of the general practice and receives referrals for internal medicine care.
Extern students are expected to rotate through each of the services during their time at Northwood. They actively participate in office calls, clinical treatment, diagnostics and surgery. During their rotation in the referral surgical service they would be expected to scrub in on the cases each day.
  • Ben Ealing, DVM Medical director
  • Jeff Smith, DVM DACVECC
  • G. Timothy Lee, DVM
  • Jason Matthew, DVM
  • Several part time ER veterinarians
Typical library resources are available along with a large numbers of journals, internet access to VIN and other data sources.
  • Daily attendance during morning and evening rounds.
  • Participate during office exams and treatments.
  • ICU care, surgical participation, imaging.
  • Rotate through all parts of the hospital functions.
The student will be directly supervised by the veterinarian on whose service the student is participating. 24/7 access to veterinarians is available.
A shared apartment is possible. One ER doctor may use during day.
VCA Northwood Animal Hospital
3255 State Road 9 North
Anderson, Indiana 46012
christal [dot] hughes [at] vcahospitals [dot] com
Ben Ealing, DVM
Updated: 02/29/12