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VCA Northview Animal Hospital & Specialty Referral Center

General Practice Office Calls, Exotics, General Surgery, Dentals, Orthopedic Surgery, Emergency Shifts, and Internal Medicine
Student will shadow veterinarians during office calls treating small animals including exotics; observe orthopedic surgeries & other surgeries; observe Internal Medicine, scopes and ultrasound
procedures; shadowed veterinarians during Emergency Shifts
  • Dr. James K. Beebe (Medical Director)
  • Dr. Lisa Assandri (Internal Medicine)
  • Dr. Lisa Occhipinti (Surgeon - sitting for boards in Feburary 2014)
  • Dr. Karen Hayworth - GP
  • Dr. Michelle Henry - GP and Exotics
  • Dr. Betsy Kennon - GP and Exotics
  • Dr. Anusha Natarajan - GP
  • Dr. Denise Pleban - GP and Exotics
  • Dr. Wayne Sisk - GP
  • Dr. Becca Stansury - GP - Emergency Shifts
  • Dr. Amber Threadgill - GP - Emergency Shifts
  • Dr. Jenny McKlveen - GP - Emergency Shifts
Full extensive library in the hospital
Observe and shadow the veterinarians throughout the day, assist them with office calls and in surgery.
Student will work up to 8 hours per day and between 39 to 40 hours per week.
VCA Northview Animal Hospital and Specialty Referral Center
223 Siebert Road Pittsburgh, PA 15237
James K. Beebe, DVM
Posted: 11/08/13
Pittsburgh, PA
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