VCA Arboretum View Animal Hospital

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24-hour small animal specialty and general practice
We are a 24 hour facility that has general practice/exotics, emergency/critical care, neurology, internal medicine, surgery, complementary/rehabilitation medicine/acupunture and oncology service. We have an established internship program. Externship participants will rotate between specialities and GP.
3 General Practioners
5 Emergency DVMS with Internship Training
1 Residency Trained ER/CC DVM
1 Residency Trained Neurologist
2 Board Certified Surgeons
1 Board Certified Internal Medicine Specialist
1 Board Certified Oncologist
1 DVM with internship training and additional specialized training from the Chi Institute, Canine Rehabilitation Medicine, Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine
We have daily morning rounds with case discussion, didactic rounds every Tuesday, Journal Club every other Thursday and "DIC" (Difficult and Interest Case) Presentation every 3rd week. We have a full library and access to most journals that are used by our specialists.
Externs will have the opportunity to rotate in on each of these department (5 - day work week), but if they have a particular interest, I will allow a more intestive rotation in one or two of the specialites. They will shadow the specialist and intern, but will be expected to participate in performing physical exams, draft treatment plans based on differential diagnosis lists, participate in diagnostics/therapies, draft treatment sheets, medical records and discharge instructions.
100% access to veterinarians since we are a 24 hour facility
Externs will be scheduled from 715 am to 5 or 7 pm (based on the service with which they are rotating) for 5 days per week.
VCA Arboretum View Animal Hospital
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Jill Keller, DVM
Posted: 12/10/12