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Valley Mobile Veterinary Service, Inc.


I am a solo practitioner that does about 75% dairy. The rest is divided up between small ruminants (7%), camelid (7%), cervid (7%), and beef (<5%). The practice is based out of my home and I have a full-time office/business manager. Room and board are provided in our home by a basement efficiency. The student would be able to go on all regularly scheduled visits and emergency calls, averaging anywhere from 3-8 stops in one 10-12-hour day. Procedures include routine herd health work (rectal palpations via ultrasound, some records analysis and profit team meetings), LDA/RDA surgeries, dehorning, mastitis culturing, fecal samples, vaccinations, castrations, dystocias, sick animal medicines, C-sections, etc. My clients like interactive students!


Associate Veterinarians and special expertise available

Currently enrolled in Dairy Production Medicine Certification course at PSU.

Educational Resources

Member of VIN, AABP, JAVMA, PVMA. We spend a lot of time driving (range 75-200 miles per day) and that time is spent rounding in the vehicle to discuss cases, herds, etc.


  • Students are expected to attend all calls, regular and emergency. Weekend duties are optional.
  • Students are expected to contribute to discussions and actively want to learn and participate in activities.
  • Students will be assigned to work through one herd problem during their rotation with my supervision.

Student Supervision

Weekdays average anywhere from 6-12 hours of work per day depending on the number of sick/emergency visits. Weekend visits are emergency only so hours are variable.



Practice Information

Valley Mobile Veterinary Service, Inc.
395 McCracken Rd.
Danville, PA 17821

Ph: 570-271-2697
Fax: 570-271-0459

Facebook: Valley Mobile Veterinary Service

Updated: 09/03/10
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Danville, PA
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