USDA-FSIS-Headquarter Plant P-2130

Performing ante-mortem and post-mortem inspection in USDA inspected poultry and red meat plants; pathology; sampling for residue and salmonella, humane handling of red meat and poultry in a slaughter house setting.
Regulate Red Meat Slaughter and Processing, Poultry Slaughter and Processing, Wide range of Processing plants including Ready-to-Eat and Thermal Processing.
Student will shadow Supervisory Public Health Veterinarian in a slaughter/processing facility. Wide range of experiences available- Red meat and poultry slaughter and processing, processing plants ranging form simple to complex.
David Kinleyside, DVM, SPHV and Roger Murphy, DVM, SPHV-Relief
USDA training materials, including manuals & computer courses. Will accompany SPHVs on daily duties in plant.
To obtain an insight into the daily duties of a Supervisory Public Health Veterinarian working in a large Poultry
slaughter/processing plant, Red Meat Slaughter and Processing, Processing plants (Ready-to-Eat and Thermal Processing).
5 days per week/8 hours per day
USDA-FSIS-Headquarter plant-P-2130
Cooper Foods P-2130
#1 Cooper Farms Drive
St. Henry, Ohio 45883
(419) 678-4853
(419) 678-1130
David [dot] Kinleyside [at] fsis [dot] usda [dot] gov
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David Kinleyside, DVM, SPHV and Roger Murphy, DVM, SPHV-Relief
Updated: 03/07/11