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USDA APHIS International Services

Candidate will:

• Work closely with USDA – APHIS and the Government of Mexico to
coordinate and develop procedures for Mexico to respond to livestock
diseases and pests, particularly those exotic or of limited distribution
in the US and those that affect US – Mexico bilateral trade and trade

• Collaborate with industry and government official in the US and
Mexico to develop and implement veterinary medical and program
procedures for the prevention of key animal diseases in Mexico.

• Assist with the development and recommendations of new/improved procedures for managing animal quarantines in Mexico.

• Assist the Government of Mexico with carrying out the proper diagnostics for animal diseases of concern to the United States.

• Resolve animal and animal product trade disruptions for both the US and Mexico.

• Help manage and develop training for veterinarians related to the
dynamic security environment in Mexico, particularly as it relates to
veterinary trade facilitation.
candiate will have a wide and unique range of experiences that will
include high-level intereaction with Mexican Government counterparts,
troublshooting and resolving trade issues, providing technical support
to Mexican vetrenarians, and helping to develop animal trade
work-arounds that function in a complex security environment.
will be coordinating and interacting with many of the top veterinarians
in Mexico, some of which are APHIS employees and others are with the
Government of Mexico. Additionally, candidate will have constant
interaction with many APHIS expert vets that handle portfolios such
covering trade, FMD, CSF, Cattle Fever Tick, AI, and other diseases of
quarantine significance in the United States. Additionally, candidate
will have access to high-level embassy officials that analyze US-Mexico
trade issues related to agriculture and trade.
candidate will have access to innumerable educational resources related
to animal health and trade in Mexico including: APHIS and Government of
Mexico websites, access to innumerable animal health regulatory experts
in both the US and Mexico. Access to trade experts within APHIS as well
as at the US Embassy, access to historical trade and animal health
files relating to ongoing trade/animal health issues in both the US and
is expected to work closely with APHIS officials in Mexico, Washington
DC, and throughout the United States. Additionally, candidate is
expected to work with the Government of Mexico and industry
representatives throughout Mexico and the United States.
will work approximately 40 hours per week. Additionally, there may be
oportunities for the candiate to travel in Mexico (though funding for
this may be quite limited). Immediate supervision will be provided by
the APHIS Assistant Director for Mexico (Darya Chehrezad), however
supervision and direction will also be provided by other APHIS official
in Mexico City
USDA - APHIS - International Services, Mexico City, Mexico
Sierra Nevada 115, Las Lomas de Chapultepec, Mexico City, Mexico
Darya Chehrezad, Assistant Director
Posted:  10/22/13
Mexico City, MEXICO
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