Upstate Equine Medical Center

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Externship at an equine ambulatory practice with full service medical and surgical referral hospital. The clinic is a new, 6,000 square foot, state-of-the-art medical and surgical hospital with 2 intensive care stalls and 7 additional stalls. The practice is fully equipped with digital radiology, multiple portable ultrasound units and a stationary ultrasound, video and dynamic endoscopy, ECSWT, IRAP, PRP, BMAC, power dentistry, in-house laboratory capabilities, and much more.
The goal of the externship program is to provide a positive learning experience that will allow them to enhance their clinical and diagnostic knowledge. The opportunity for hands-on experience will depend on the clinical skills, maturity, and aptitude of the extern. The extern will have the opportunity to work with all doctors on staff and can expect a variety of cases. Routine appointments are seen Monday-Friday, and emergencies are seen 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Due to the heavy breeding case load, the case load varies significantly with season. Scheduled ambulatory calls range from 1-6 per doctor per day. Day time ambulatory emergencies are common. Typically, 2-6 elective and 1-4 emergency surgeries are performed per week. The majority of medicine cases are admitted as emergencies, with 0-2 cases hospitalized per week. The majority of reproduction cases are seen in the field though during breeding season high-risk pregnancy mares are foaled out at the clinic and stallion collection and semen processing for shipment is performed. Outpatient medical, surgical, and reproductive cases range from 1-4 per week.
  • Steven A Sedrish, MS, DVM, DACVS
  • Tracy Bartick-Sedrish, DVM
  • Laura H Javsicas, VMD, DACVIM
  • Alana King, DVM, DACT
Journals- JAVMA, AJVR, ACVIM, EVJ, EVE, Veterinary Surgery
Multiple reference text books
To observe and assist vets on ambulatory calls and in the clinic. To assist with the treatment of patients in the hospital.
Students will be supervised at all times.
Upstate Equine Medical Center
362 Rugg Rd
Schuylerville NY 12871
ljavsicas [at] gmail [dot] com
Laura Javsicas, VMD, DACVIM
Updated: 03/01/12