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United States Army Veterinary Corps


Important note: This off-campus elective opportunity is available to HPSP Students only. An Army Veterinary Corps Externship experience is very individual depending on the location and the interest of the student. The typical Veterinary Services location will give exposure to clinical veterinary medicine focusing both on government owned working dogs and privately owned pets. Clinical practice can range from your typical sick call appointment to laparoscopic surgery depending on the location.

Public health is a large aspect of the Veterinary Corps' mission and includes food safety and defense, rabies bite program, zoonotic disease, human animal bond program, etc. Leadership skills are a necessity for all Veterinary Corps Officers, so externs can expect to be exposed to Army Leadership both within the daily running of a Veterinary Clinic and the Army Mission.


Associate Veterinarians and special expertise available

Each location is unique in the expertise that it offers. The army has Board Certified Specialists that work at or visit the various locations. It is a requirement for career progression for Veterinary Corps Officers to attend postgraduate training to include: Masters in a field such as Public Health, PhD in a science field, or Residency Training in areas such as Lab. Animal, Pathology or Clinical Medicine.

Educational Resources

Each Veterinary Treatment Facility has a small library of veterinary books to be used for reference. Also, access to the internet is available for use of VIN and to access e-journals such as JAVMA. A few select locations will do topic rounds, morbitity/mortality rounds and/or journal clubs.


Students will be expected to participate in the activity of the day while on externship. Most of the locations are responsible for covering a diverse mission, so students need to be open to experiencing both the clinical and public health aspects of the job. All cost associated with the externship (travel, lodging, meals, etc) are the responsibility of the student. Students on the Army HPSP Scholarship can have the externship paid for by doing an ADT which requires a minimum of 21 days and must be completed prior 31 March in the year the student graduates.

Student Supervision

Students will have access to an Army or Civilan Veterinarian 5 days a week, 8 hours a day while on externship. Students though will also be working with Veterinary Technicians and Subject Matter Experts on Food Safety while on the externship.


Student's responsibility

Practice Information

United States Army Veterinary Corps
[Multiple Locations Around the World]
Administrative Address:
Dept of Veterinary Science
2250 Stanley Road, Suite 270
Fort Sam Houston, TX 78233

Ph: 210-295-1027
Fax: 210-295-8675


Updated: 11/03/10
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Important note

This off-campus elective opportunity is available to HPSP Students only.

multiple locations around the world
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