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Turner Veterinary Service

animal practice with 5 full time doctors. 2 ambulatory clinicians on
the road daily for large animal work, and 2 small animal doctors at
clinic each day. Large animal emergency service 24/7
strive to provide a hands-on approach to routine veterinary work
(vaccines, exams, herd health, export/regulatory work, well pets,
puppy/kitten visits, dental prophylaxis, etc) as well as sick/emergency
work in large animal and small animal clinic. We work to expose students
to the breadth of mixed animal practice. We hope to give ample
opportunity to interact with clients, patients, staff, and doctors about
the diagnosis, treatment, management, financial and emotional aspects
of daily practice.
Students are encouraged to ask questions, assist as
possible, learn new skills, practice skills, research issues, add to
conversations, contribute to case work-ups, and be very much a part of
every day. Depending on the student's area of interest and the daily
schedule we will attempt to expose them to particular areas that are
desired for practice, learning, exposure. We can tailor an externship to
be more small, more ambulatory, or 50/50. We have students work with
all clinicians if possible in order to offer a well rounded experience
in terms of caseload, personal interest areas, differing approaches and
perspectives on veterinary medicine.
do not have the good fortune of working with boarded specialists,
however Dr. Law has a vast experience with small ruminants, Dr. Flanagan
does a lot of herd health and ultrasound work with pregnancy diagnosis
and fetal sexing, Dr. Perkins is very good at small animal medicine and
surgery, Dr. Bennett enjoys dental procedures and small animal medicine
and surgery, Dr. Hilton is our newest member and is actively developing
her skills in all fields. 2 of our Dr's are mixed practioners (Dr.
Hilton and Flanagan).
Text books, internet, journals, doctors, case discussions, VIN subscription, AABP-L, AASRP-L, pharmaceutical reps/meetings.
  • Physical
    exams, client interactions, contributing to case discussions and
    development of diagnostic and treatment plans.
  • Aiding in restraint and
  • On time and appropriately dressed.
  • When necessary assisting
    with cleaning equipment, restocking trucks, etc.
  • Client communication
    (in person). Active participation in general.
  • Respect of clients, pets,
    livestock, staff and doctors.
  • Flexibility in scheduling and start/end
by one of the staff doctors. Occasionally may be supervised or
instructed by a licensed technician on restraint/laboratory related
materials or techniques for catheter placement, etc.
Possible to house students if needed. Would need to set up in advance.
Turner Veterinary Service
273 Auburn Road, Turner, Maine 04282
(207) 225-2155
(207) 225-3273
Meghan Flanagan, DVM
PostedL 08/12/13
Turner, ME
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