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Town & Country Animal Cllinic

are an AAHA accredited veterinary hospital seeking veterinary students
wishing to gain practical clinical experience in our facilities.
Students will have exposure to mainly small animal medicine and some
large animal medicine. We are a full service facility with state of the
art equipment.
should expect to see a wide variety of medical and surgical cases.
Students will be expected to participate in clinical evaluation of pets,
treatment plans, diagnostic plans and in-patient care. Some large
animal experience will be available on a more limited basis as compared
to the small animal medicine.
Our associate, Dr. Kate Onash, has completed a 1 year internship at Hagyard Equine Medical Institute in Lexington, Kentucky.
to VIN and AAHA websites. Onsite full medical library. Access to
variety of monthly veterinary medicine magazines and periodicals.
and provide care of hospitalized animals. Provide assistance in surgery
and surgical monitoring. Assist and provide input of medical cases with
regard to differential diagnosis, diagnostics, and treatment plans.
Assist in providing risk assessment and preventive health care plans
for pets.
Monday - Friday 8 am - 6pm

Saturday 8am- 12 pm

After Hour Emergencies as the need arises
Town & Country Animal Clinic
15 Amber Way

Suite 101

Hazard, Kentucky

606-436-3446(xxx) xxx-xxxx
606-435-0382(xxx) xxx-xxxx
Chet A. Ayres, DVM
Posted: 06/20/14
Hazard, KY
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