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Texas Equine Hospital

is a high volume practice that is in its 3rd year of opening (we saw
over 6500 horses in 2010) with a tremendous learning opportunity.
Students will be allowed hands on depending on their ability, work
ethic, and interpersonal skills with clients. The opportunity to learn
by watching is exceptional.
have two specialists here at the hospital:
  • Dr. Honnas is a Board
    certified surgeon.
  • Dr. Nick Millichamp is a Boarded ophthalmologist.
  • We
    do have journals and several equine books available.
  • Computer and
    internet is available.
  • We walk through the barn every morning and
    evening to discuss the cases.
will be expected to organize and perform treatments on hospitalized
patients under supervision of resident, help veterinarians with
emergency duty and overnight monitoring of patients. Assist
veterinarians in daily exam, diagnosis, and treatment of sports medicine
cases and in surgery. We treat preceptors as colleagues with
student will have direct access with both veterinarians approximately
12 hours per day during the week days and 8 hours per day for Saturday
and Sunday.
Texas Equine Hospital
13688 South State Hwy #6

Bryan, TX 77807
Clifford M. Honnas, DVM, DACVS
Updated: 02/09/11
Bryan, TX
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