Sugar Factory Vet Clinic

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We are a mixed animal practice in rural Montana. We primarily work with beef cattle, ranch horses, and dogs and cats.
Extern students spend most of their time in October palpating cows for pregnancy. There is also some trich testing, health cerfiticates, and brucellosis vaccination. Students do have the option of staying in the clinic and taking small animal calls on any given day.
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Students are expected to shadow the supervising doctor. Depending on the skill of the student, they may perform perform many of the veterinary activities either under direct supervision of the vet (like spays, neuters), or they may palpate cows ahead of the vet.
In October, the vets usually work between 60-80 hours per week. The students may elect to take days off if they wish.
Sugar Factory Vet Clinic
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Betsy Bialon, DVM
Updated: 11/04/11