Student Attendance

The College of Veterinary Medicine, in an effort to ensure continuity of education and respect for faculty and fellow classmates, has instituted an attendance policy for all students in Core and Elective classes for veterinary years one, two and three.

Students are responsible for ensuring they have notified the appropriate person(s) to communicate all planned/unplanned absences.

Pre-Clinical Attendance

Absence Reporting

Attendance at midterm and final examinations, quizzes, laboratories, and in-class graded learning experiences is required. Permission to make up missed work will be granted only for excused absences. Excused absences may be unplanned or planned. In the event of an excused absence, the faculty member may provide a make-up assessment, laboratory experience, or in-class graded learning experience different from the one given during regularly scheduled class time.

Clinical Attendance

Absence Reporting

Individual clinical rotation absence policies as well as whom to contact are available in the Handouts and Links section of one45 under Yr4 Vets - Program Objects - Rotation Absence Information (Excel spreadsheet).

All clinical rotation absences must be submitted using the following form: