Student Accreditation Standards Survey

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All colleges of veterinary medicine must undergo accreditation by the Council on Education of the American Veterinary Medical Association every 7 years. The accreditation process is vital to the success of all veterinary colleges, because schools that are not accredited cannot graduate veterinarians! The Ohio State University's College of Veterinary Medicine currently is fully accredited and is undergoing accreditation review this year. The accreditation self-study addresses 11 standards and will culminate in a site visit by the AVMA in October, 2006. According to standard #6, “Each accredited college must provide a mechanism for students, anonymously if they wish, to offer suggestions, comments, and complaints for the college related to the standards for accreditation.” To this end, please review the following standards as they apply to our college and indicate how satisfied you are that the college meets each of the standards. If you are uncertain, have no opinion, or feel the standard addresses issues that do not relate to your experience as a veterinary student, please select choice 2 (neutral). In the box provided, please include any comments, complaints or suggestions you have as they apply to the specific standard in question. For additional information on the accreditation process, please see: