South Brunswick Animal Hospital

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Small Animal Exclusive (some exotic) - General Practice and Surgery.
General Examinations, Internal Medicine workups, general surgery (ovh, castration, cystotomy, enterotomy, splenectomy, cranial cruciate, patellar, fracture repair, etc.) Labwork - in house chemistry, fecals, digital radiography, tonometry, EKG, BP, Anesthesia/monitoring, etc.
  • Dr. Douglas Cotler
  • Dr. Gabe Capodanno
  • Dr. John Mitko
  • Dr. Susan Perris
  • Dr. Aimee Mischel
Journals, books, computer, rounds(informal) and in house CE are all available
Help in examinations (SOAP), history taking, discuss plan, Phlebotomy, Place IV catheters, Calculate Medication doses; help with anesthesia (calculate doses) monitoring (pulse oximetry, ECG, BP, auscultation, etc.), Interpretation of radiology cases, assist in surgery.
We are open 7:30AM-7:30 PM M-F and Sat 9AM-1:30PM - Veterinarians available at all times.
South Brunswick Animal Hospital
879 Georges Road
Monmouth Junction, NJ 08852
vetdoc1 [at] optonline [dot] net
Douglas I. Cotler, DVM
Posted: 10/22/13