Schubot Exotic Bird Center

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Exotic avian research and clinical externship
Student will divide time between a clinical rotation in the exotic animal clinic and a research rotation in Dr. Tizard's laboratory investigating the pathogenesis/diagnosis of ABV/PDD
Active and busy exotic animal practice and an active research laboratory investigating exotic avian diseases.
All resources of a large college of Veterinary medicine. Avian and other rounds with residents, interns and graduate students conducted weekly.
Student will attend and participate in the Exotic animal clinics with other DVM students. Student will participate in ongoing research studies.
Dr. Tizard and two clinicians. Dr. Sharman Hoppes and Dr. Jill Heatley will be available daily during normal working hours and the clinicians will be "on-call" for emergencies.
Schubot Exotic Bird Health Center
Veterinary Pathobiology Dept, MS#4467
College of Veterinary Medicine,
Texas A&M University
College Station, TX, 77843
(979) 845-4276
(979) 862-2320
itizard [at] cvm [dot] tamu [dot] edu
Dr Ian Tizard
Posted: 10/22/13