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Savannah Animal Hospital


Savannah Animal Hospital is a privately owned practice in Delaware. We are AAHA accredited and have been for over 14 years. We have over 20 years experience with pre-vet students. At our facility we use the Cornerstone Computer System - Multi-User. We have endoscopy, ultrasonography, pharmacy, digital radiography, in-house diagnostic/laboratory with pulse oximetry, doppler for blood pressure, ECG, in-house diagnostics for heartworm, Parvo, urinalysis FLEV/FIB. Services also include 24-hour emergency on-call, isoflurane/sevoflurane anesthesia, laser surgery, orthopedic surgery, soft tissue surgery and intensive care unit. We employ 4 full time associates and 2 part time associates and have approximately 48 employees.


Associate Veterinarians and special expertise available

  • Robert T. Pedigo, DVM, Owner; advanced training inorthopedics, TTA, and dentistry
  • Andrea R. Richter, DVM, Owner; interest in internal medicine and ocular surgery
  • Christine L. Clark, DVM, Associate; advanced training in ultrasonography and oncology
  • Howard K. Chappell, DVM, Associate; interest in internal medicine and surgery
  • Erin Giebel, DVM, Associate; interest in internal medicine and surgery, on the Board of DVMA
  • Megan Bounds, DVM; completed a small animal internship in Medicine, Surgery and Emergency Care at the University of Pennsylvania in August 2007. Her specialties include radiography and internal medicine.

Educational Resources

  • Full veterinary library including numerous periodicals
  • Staff Meeting with education every Tuesday from 1:00-3:00 p.m. Hospital is closed during this time.
  • On the job training
  • Online access


Student will work closely with all areas of our hospital including our hotel, which is our large boarding facility, receptionist manager, practice manager, office manager, inventory manager, technical managers as well as the veterinarians. Student will be directly involved in aspects of clinical practice, including medical, surgical, behavioral and practice management. Student will practice their technical skills, under supervision of veterinarians and licensed technicians. Student will be challenged to develop problem solving skills (diagnostic work-ups and treatment plans) as well as communication skills.

Student Supervision

The student will have direct access to the veterinarian 8-12 hours per day. We have at least 3 veterinarians working every day except Saturday which has only 2.


None provided

Practice Information

Savannah Animal Hospital
33818 Wescoats Road
Lewes, DE 19958

ph: 302-645-8757
fax: 301-645-2778


Signature on file: Robert T. Pedigo, DVM
Updated on: 2/28/2008

Lewes, DE
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