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Rhinebeck Equine, L.L.P.

Equine practice
Broad based 100% equine practice with 6 field veterinarians, 2 ACVS hospital-based veterinarians, 3 interns; full service referral hospital with nuclear scintig
  • Shannon Multay
  • Nina Deibel
  • Jeff Williams
  • Jim Nutt
  • Jim Mort
  • Amy Grice
  • Andrea Sotela
  • Paul Mountan
journals, books, computer databases, rounds, continuing education activities
show up, pitch in, ask appropriate questions
yes, with interns on site
Rhinebeck Equine, L.L.P.
26 Losee Lane
Rhinebeck, NY 12572
Amy L. Grice, VMD
Updated: 02/16/12
Rhinebeck, NY
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