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We expect student interns to assist equine veterinarians on their daily farm calls. They will get first hand experience in the field and will be able to observe the veterinarian interacting with clients and patients. They will also participate in any diagnostic work ups and treatments/procedures through direct discussion with the attending veterinarian. We have veterinary technicians along on every call to handle and restrain horses, do the paper work and stock the trucks. This leaves the student intern free to participate during the call. Reata strives to provide a positive experience for each intern that visits our practice.
Reata Equine Veterinary Group LLC is multi-veterinarian ambulatory equine practice in Tucson, AZ. It was founded in 1978 by Dr. Conaway. We see a wide variety of horses and provide services that include emergency care, field surgery, reproduction, perinatology, sports medicine, podiatry, advanced dentistry etc. We have digital radiology, digital ultrasound, endoscopy, in-house laboratory and motorized dentistry capabilities.
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Journals, medical publications, IVIS, continuing education presentations for the staff monthly, computerized medical records for review etc.
Student interns are expected to arrive at the office on time and properly dressed during business hours (8:30-5:30). They will accompany the veterinarian on their daily rounds and the veterinarian will be available for discussion during calls if appropriate and between calls. The intern is not expected to restrain horses or do any stocking of the vehicles. Depending on the judgment of the attending veterinarian, a student intern may be asked to assist during a procedure or treatment.
The student intern will have total access to the attending veterinarian that he/she is assigned to ride with. If the student intern wishes to be available to accompany the on call veterinarian of after hours calls then the student must make that known to the on call veterinarian.
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Dr. Michael W. Conaway
Updated: 02/23/12