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Rascal Unit/Rascal Animal Hospital

for the senior veterinary student to perform sterilization procedures
in a high volume clinic. This allows the student to develop skills and
confidence in routine surgical procedures. There is also opportunity for general practice and emergency experience.
Animal Hospital is a 24-hour AAHA Accredited facilty. We see wellness
and sick pet appointments Monday-Friday, and are open daily for
emergencies and walk-ins. We have full in-house IDEXX laboratory
equipment, digital radiography, and ultrasound available. We also
perform spay/neuter, soft tissue, and orthopedic procedures at this
location. Students have the option to extern in surgery, general
practice, emergency, or a combination depending on their interests.

Rascal Unit is a mobile surgical unit focusing on high volume
sterilization procedures. We travel throughout Ohio to counties in need
of basic veterinary care. Students who choose to extern in surgery will
have some days on the mobile units as well as at Rascal Animal Hospital.


Rascal Unit /
Rascal Animal Hospital has 10 Veterinarians:

  • Dr. A
    Gonzalez is the hospital owner.  She
    spends the majority of her time performing surgery either in our hospital
    facility or on our mobile units.
  • Dr.
    Crystal Decker is the medical director. 
    She has a special interest in emergency medicine and soft tissue
  • Dr.
    Michelle Matusicky is part of our emergency and surgery team.  She has special interest in orthopedics.
  • Dr. Kim
    Carter works on our mobile units performing high volume spay/neuter.
  • Dr. Farol
    Chanum is our primary general practice doctor.  She enjoys wellness and preventative
  • Dr. Cyrus
    Wegbreit is our lone non-OSU graduate (He hails from VT).  He primarily practices emergency and
    general practice.  He also enjoys
    soft tissue surgery.
  • Dr.
    Natalie Ziegler is one of our primary emergency and general practice
    doctors.  She enjoys soft tissue
    surgery and internal medicine.
  • Dr. Amber
    Kostalansky is one of our primary emergency and general practice
    doctors.  She enjoys soft tissue
    surgery and internal medicine.
  • Dr.
    Heather Lane is currently part of our emergency team.  She is also currently pursuing her MPH
    at OSU.
  • Dr.
    Janelle Nerone is one of our primary general practice doctors.  She enjoys emergency medicine and

    is access to JAVMA, AAHA magazine, and Compendium in addition to an up-to-date library including medicine, surgery, laboratory, and exotic
    medicine books. We also have computer access to VIN and the AAHA
    Evaluation of patients presented for surgery
    • Calculation and administration of sedative and anesthetic agents, inducing anesthesia
    • Performing sterilization procedures
    • Determining appropriate post-op medications
    • Students will also receive experience performing venipuncture,
      placing intravenous catheters, inducing anesthesia, performing
      endotracheal intubation, and monitoring anesthesia.
    • General Practice and Emergency:
      • Perform physical exams on healthy and sick patients.
      • Recommend appropriate wellness care for yearly visits.
      • Discuss differential diagnoses, recommended diagnostics tests, and
        appropriate medical or surgical treatments for sick patients with the
        DVM on duty.
      • Work on client communication skills.
    student will always have direct supervision by one of our staff
    veterinarians (24 hours a day, 7 days a week). Licensed Veterinary
    Technicians continuously monitor anesthetized patients and assist with
    induction and recovery.
    Rascal Unit/Rascal Animal Hospital
    5830 Britton Parkway

    Dublin, OH 43016

    Rascal Unit (secondary location)- Mobile surgeries

    6365 Old Avery Rd., Ste. 9

    Dublin, OH 43016

    Dr. Missy Matusicky
    Updated: 03/20/2013
    Dublin, OH