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Prices Creek Veterinary Services

Creek Veterinary Service is an all equine ambulatory practice that
serves the western Dayton area offering routine care as well as 24 hour
emergency services. The majority of horses seen are pleasure and show
horses. Services offered include: Routine and preventative care such as
vaccinations, equine dental care, parasite prevention programs,
nutrition consultation, Coggins testing, ophthalmology, lameness
examination and treatment, minor surgery, and colic care.
in duties performed by veterinarian, develop and practice both
technical skills and client communication skills, explore new
information from relevant journals and articles and apply it to current
6-8 hours/ day, 5-7 days/ week (Range is result of day-to-day variation of case load).
Prices Creek Veterinary Services
4555 Pyrmont Rd

Lewisburg, Ohio 45338
Dr. Scott Judd
Updated: 02/11/11
Lewisburg, OH
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