Admission to the OSU College of Veterinary Medicine requires completion of the prerequisites listed below or their equivalents from any accredited college or university. No more than one required prerequisite course may remain to be completed by the end of autumn semester of the academic year in which you apply; that course must be completed by the end of spring semester of the academic year in which you apply.

Conversion to Semesters

Please be advised that Ohio State will convert to a semester calendar beginning summer 2012. The new Ohio State University semester prerequisite courses are available below.

Ten Year Course Work Rule

If any science prerequisites are older than ten years, the applicant must either report course work in that specific area or submit convincing evidence of current mastery in the appropriate science to the Admissions Committee. The applicant must prove they have current experience to show they have maintained knowledge in the field.

Prerequisite Evaluation

Professional Admissions at Ohio State offers free coursework evaluations for students attending other institutions to provide assistance in selecting and taking coursework that meets our prerequisite requirements. If you would like to request a prerequisite evaluation, please complete the prerequisite evaluation form.  For course equivalency questions, please contact OSU Professional Admissions Office at professional [at] osu [dot] edu or (614) 292-9444 or visit their website at


Printable Prerequisite Course Descriptions

Printable List of of Required Prerequisite Courses

Prerequisite CoursesSemester HoursQuarter HoursOhio State Course Numbers
English Composition 3-4 5 1110 (3)

General Chemistry, one year with laboratory

8-10 15 1210 (5) and 1220 (5)
Organic Chemistry, one year (no lab required) 6-8 5 2510 (4) and 2520 (4)
*Biochemistry, no lab required 3-4 5 4511 (4)
Physics, one year with laboratory 8-10 10 1200 (5) and 1201(5)
Biology, one year with laboratory 6-8 10 1113 (4) and 1114 (4)
Molecular Genetics 3-4 5 4500 (3)
Microbiology, with laboratory 3-4 5 4000 (4)
Mathematics (Either a Pre-Calc or higher course or both Algebra and Trigonometry) 4-6 5 1150 (5)
Humanities and Social Sciences 14 20 will vary depending on courses
Electives 8 10 will vary depending on courses
Total 66-80 semester hours 95 quarter hours  

**Number of hours provided as a guideline. In assessing course content for equivalency, actual hours may vary for your institution. In some cases a multiple course series may be needed to fulfill prerequisite coursework.

*At some institutions, the prerequisite for biochemistry is two semesters/quarters. When Biochemistry is offered as a series, both courses in the series must be completed.

Humanities and Social Sciences

Recommended Course Work:

  • Writing/speech – courses that emphasize written and/or verbal communication
  • Social Sciences – courses such as history, economics, anthropology, psychology, etc.
  • Humanities – courses in art, music, drama, literature, languages, etc.
  • Diversity/Ethics – courses that focus on the culture, history and/or current circumstances of different populations.

Electives: Elective courses are at the student's discretion, after consultation with an advisor. Recommended electives include embryology, immunology, anatomy, physiology, histology, animal science courses including nutrition.

Advanced Placement - In order to receive credit for AP courses, they must be listed on official transcripts from a college or university you have attended.