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Welcome to the home page of The Ohio State University Pre-Veterinary Medical Association, also known as the Pre-Vet Club. This website is no longer updated on a regular basis. You will find information useful to both club members and students interested in becoming members on our new website at:

Our purpose, as stated in our Official Constitution is "to provide an opportunity through which interested students may meet, explore, and gain knowledge of the field of veterinary medicine", and "develop closer ties of fellowship through a social atmosphere among students interested in veterinary medicine." To accomplish these goals, the Pre-Vet Club holds semi-weekly general meetings. These meetings include a brief period of club business and announcements, followed by a program relating to the practice of veterinary medicine, or admission to the College of Veterinary Medicine. In addition, there are organized social events and community service projects for members to participate in each quarter.

Membership is open to Ohio State University students. General meetings are every other Wednesday at 7:00 pm. Location will vary. Club dues are $11.00 per semester, or $20.00 per year. Students can join the Club at a meeting, or by contacting us or completing the registration form and bringing it to the next meeting.

You can visit our new site here.