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Pleasant Ridge Pet Hospital

small animal practice with some pocket pets and reptiles. Excellent
opportunity to observe daily small animal medicine and surgery in a busy
two doctor practice.
offer an up to date, busy practice with two full time veterinarians and
four licensed technicians. We perform surgery five days a week, see
many complicated internal medicine cases, and have a great relationship
with our referral hospitals. Equipment we use daily inludes traditional
and dental radiography, in house CBC and chemistry analyzers,
electrosurgery, modern dental equipment. The extern will have the
opportunity to participate in examinations and procedures, as well as
elective surgeries on shelter cats. We make every effort to allow
externs to help work up cases and communicate with clients. Students are
encouraged to bring their knowledge and enthusiasm; we love learning
from them and hope they will enjoy learning from us!
have a full library of veterinary references and access to VIN online.
We maintain subscriptions to JAVMA, Clinician's Brief, and Veterinary
Medicine journals.
will participate in cases from beginning to end, performing physical
exams and procedures, overseeing hospitalized patients, observing
surgeries, and assisting with discharges. Students may, if desired,
assist in surgery and with client communications.
student will have free access to our staff doctors for between 9-12
hours per day on weekdays, plus 4 hours on Saturday (optional). The
student is free to choose their own schedule as desired, based on our
workload and their convenience.
Pleasant Ridge Pet Hospital
6229 Montgomery Rd

Cincinnati, Ohio 45213
(513) 351-1730
(513) 351-4590
Dr. Denise Chase
Updated: 09/27/11
Cincinnati, OH
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