Pioneer Equine Hospital, Inc.


Equine only full-service hospital. Extern will assist with and observe daily appointments and emergencies, will assist with care of hospitalized patients, will participate in thrice weekly case rounds.


Associated Veterinarians and special expertise available

  • 3 DACVS on site
  • 2 DVMs with masters in Reproduction
  • DACVR on site participates in MRI interpretations
  • 2 ultrasound specialists on site throughout week

Educational Resources

  • thrice-weekly rounds
  • once-monthly presentations by interns
  • library available with multiple journals & textbooks


  • Be available and eager to help during regular business hours & after hours
  • Participate in case discussions & rounds

Student Supervision

Depending on emergency case load, could theoretically be 24 hr./day, 7 days/week. Realistically, at least 12 hr/day, 6 days/week.



Practice Information

Pioneer Equine Hospital
11536 Cleveland Ave.
Oakdale, CA 95361

Ph: 209-847-5951
Fax: 209-847-5954

Email: info [at] poineerequine [dot] com

Updated: 04/02/10
Signature on file: Stephanie Mathis, DVM, DACVS