Piedmont Equine Practice


  • 7 vet Ambulatory equine practice that offers in house referrals to board certified surgeons and medicine specialists for the more intense case management.
  • Externs are asked to visit for a full weeks if they wish to be considered for the internship.
  • Typically paired up with a doctor for the day which may be a day of lameness exams and diagnsotics that incurr, spend some time doing herd management vaccine types of appointments.
  • Repro work is seasonal and most busy April thru July.


Associate Veterinarians and special expertise available

  • 7 full time DVMs
  • 1 board certified Medicine specialist
  • 1 board certified surgeon
  • 2 vets certified in acupuncture
  • 2 vets certified in chiropractic
  • 1 vet specializing in Dentistry

Educational Resources

We have high speed internet, a variety of textbooks for reading.


Externs usually take an involved role in the post op colic cases and other cases which require more intensive nursing care. These are hit more miss, there will none of these types of cases for a month and then several all in one week.

Student Supervision

Mostly the externs will work alongside the veterinarian the full day they are paired. Feel free to read our website or AAEP avenues for more info.



Practice Information

The Piedmont Equine Practice
4122 Zulls Rd.
The Plains, Va 20198

Ph: 540-364-4950
Fax: 540-364-4987

Email: dratheiss [at] piedmontequinepractice [dot] com
Web: www.PiedmontEquinePractice.com

Updated: 02/15/10
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