Pets Unlimited


With eleven full-time doctors, two specialists in orthopedic surgery and dentistry, twenty-five nurses and fifty-plus support staff, Pets Unlimited provides premium preventive and emergency veterinary care for your dogs and cats.

The features of our state-of-the-art Medical Center include: five exam rooms, a bereavement room, a pharmacy, two surgery suites, a new intensive care unit and treatment suite, a dental treatment area, and a special procedures room for ultrasound, endoscopy and other advanced procedures.


Associate Veterinarians and Special Expertise Available

Educational Resources

  • Textbook: Comprehensive texts
  • Online access: VIN


Students can expect to see 90-110 cases per week.

Student Supervision

The student will have access to the veterinarian 8 hours per day.


None reported.

Practice Information

Pets Ulimited
2343 Fillmore Street
San Francisco, CA 94115

Ph: (415) 563-6700
Fx: (415) 775-2573

Email: info [at] petsunlimited [dot] org

Updated: 8/30/07
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