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Pet Emergency Treatment


PET is a 24 hour emergency and critical care referral practice. We see the regular clinics emergencies at night and if they are critical they remain here. Critical cases that need 24 hour monitoring are transferred here overnight and most remain at our clinic. During the day it is slower but we see walk-ins and cases when the regular vets are overbooked. We do not do routine surgeries such as spays and neuters, dentistry, and rarely do vaccines. Open nights, weekends and holidays. Exposure to a variety of cases. Small animal and exotics treated. Our facility is 5600 square feet, equipped with complete in-house blood work including QBC machine, IDEXX chemistry analyzer, I-STAT, coagulation analysis, radiology, 2 EKG machines, pulse oximeter, endoscope, etc.


Associate Veterinarians and special expertise available

We currently have a residency trained emergency and critical care veterinarian, a veterinarian that completed an internship in small animal medicine and surgery and we also sent out for an endoscopy course, a veterinarian from a day clinic that saw a large number of exotics, and several veterinarians from day clinics that have joined us. We are beginning to offer endoscopy and laparoscopy.

Educational Resources

We have a fairly extensive and updated library of textbooks. Our journals include the Journal of Veterinary Emergency and Critical Care, JAVMA, Compendium, Forum, Vet Economics and a few others. We subscribe to VIN and use it regularly. Veterinarians do rounds on cases at each shift change or twice daily. Techs also round but simpler on cases in hospital at each shift change which is 3 times daily.


Students responsibility will be to evaluate in hospital patients and then discuss their findings with the veterinarian on duty; suggest treatment changes and discuss if the treatment plan is appropriate; discuss if there should be changes made to the treatment protocol. The students will also be involved in the evaluation, diagnostics, and treatment plans for the incoming patients. The students will have hands on opportunities to practice venipuncture, radiology, blood evaluation, and participate in surgery (emergency).

Tasks include answering phone calls, assisting veterinarian or technician in duties including nursing care, treatments, diagnostics, surgeries, and go home instructions. Positions available year round. Housing not provided . Please mail or fax resume and inquiry.

Student Supervision

A veterinarian is on duty 24 hours a day.


Housing not provided, though we do have a large private bedroom in the clinic available for sleeping and personal items. The lounge is communal and has a refrigerator, microwave, and toaster oven for use.

Practice Information

Pet Emergency Treatment
2320 E. Dowling Road
Anchorage, AK 99507

Ph: (907) 274-5636
Fx: (907) 274-5133


Updated: 4/23/07
Signature on file: Michelle Leibold DVM

Anchorage AK
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