Performance Equine, Inc.

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100% Standardbred racetrack experience at the Meadows Racetrack
The student will experience a high level sports medicine practice that utilizes digital radiography, digital ultrasound, video gastroscopy and upper airway endoscopy. The student will become very versed in all forms of diagnostic nerve blocks and joint injection technique and preparation. There will be elective surgeries(i.e. castrations ). The student will be able to examine the horses on lead and while harnessed on the track for lameness evaluations. Interpretation of bloodwork results for poor performance will be stressed. The student will become comfortable giving all types of shots and placing catheters on a daily basis. The student will also gain an understanding on passing an NG tube on a daily basis.
A surgeon is on the track three days a week for consultation
Anatomy models and reference textbooks
The student is expected to work 6 days a week from 730-4. The student should be clean dressed and have an open mind and good attitude.
The student will spend 100% of the time with the veterinarian.
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Jon Stanek
Posted: 08/15/14