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Peninsula Equine Medical Center


Peninsula Equine is a state of the art, full service equine veterinary
hospital and ambulatory practice which offers diagnostic and surgical
abilities, located in the San Francisco Bay Area. Our dedicated and
experienced staff are proficient in multiple aspects of equine medicine
and surgery with special emphasis placed upon advanced lameness
diagnostics, imaging, sports medicine, surgery, and intensive care

This elective is organized through the American Association of Equine
Practitioners (AAEP) Avenues Internships/Externships Program for
veterinary students. The AAEP Avenues program is an excellent resource for AAEP national student members to find that perfect position. The AAEP Avenues program is designed
to encourage current veterinary students and new graduates to take
advantage of the practical training in medicine and practice management
offered by AAEP-member practices. Externships and internships allow
students and new veterinarians to learn and perfect technical and client
skills. Practices benefit from the enthusiastic participation of the
extern or intern, as well as their access to recent clinical information
and new ideas.

Must be a student member of AAEP to access program information found at this link:

Institutional Resources:

See AAEP Avenues link

Educational Resources:

See AAEP Avenues link

Responsibilities expected of participating students:

See AAEP Avenues link

Student supervision:

All working hours & emergencies (24/7)

Practice Information:

Peninsula Equine Medical Center
100 Ansel Lane
Menlo Park, CA 94028

Ph: 650-854-3162
Fax: 650-854-3658


Signature on file: Dr. Russ Peterson
Updated: 02/09/11

Menlo Park, CA
Elective categories: