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Our externship program is designed to give every extern a very hands-on experience. We have a large varierty of case load (lameness, wellness, dentistry, acupuncture, emergency/critical care, reproduction). Externs are heavily involved in case work ups, surgery, and in-house patient care.
Our practice has two general practitioners, a board certified equine surgeon and an intern.
We have topic rounds once a week. Externs have access to text books and journals kept at the clinic.
Externs are an integral part of our practice. You will be expected to assist the doctors during appointments and help with in-patient care.
We see regularly scheduled appointments during the week (8-5, Mon-Fri). Emergency schedule varies, but we are on call 24/7.
Pacific Crest Equine
2500 East Myer Ave.
Exeter, CA 93221
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Dr. Devita Wooten
Updated: 04/03/12