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OSU CVM Anatomic Pathology


  • Participates with senior veterinary students performing post mortem from the Veterinary Medical Center, the Columbus Zoo and area private practicing veterinarians.
  • Participates in seminars in applied pathology with graduate students and residents.
  • Participates in off campus pathology experiences that can be arranged with local organizations such as Battelle Memorial Institute and the Ohio Department of Agriculture Animal Disease Diagnostic Laboratory.
  • Student has the option of participating in the evaluation of specimens submitted to the surgical biopsy service.


  • Physical participation in gross and microscopic post mortem evaluation of case material or research projects involving pathogenesis of disease.
  • Preparing written reports, preparing oral presentations or preparing for discussion of the pathology and pathogenesis of disease in either current or archival case material or material from research studies.
  • his preparation will require use of published refereed literature and textbooks.


Dr. Christopher Premanandan

Student Supervision

Direct supervision would be for four hours per day five days per week for a maximum of two weeks.

Location Information

College of Veterinary Medicine
The Ohio State University
1925 Coffey Road
Columbus, OH 43210

Ph: 614-292-2797

Updated: 2/17/09
Signature On File: Dr. Christopher Premanandan

Columbus OH
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