Orchard Park Veterinary Medical Center

Number of students reviewing: 
Average student review (out of five): 
Experience/practice in small animal general practice with boarded DVM's; surgery, internal medicine and 24/7 emergency service.
Exam room procedures, canine, feline, small mammals, exotics, avian, reptiles, fish medicine, paperless environment, laboratory procedures in on-site full lab, digital x-ray, dental prophylaxis, extractions, digital dental x-rays, general and speciality surgeries, care of critical care hospitalized patients daily, cancer care/therapy, emergency services 24/7 by assigned DVM, endoscopy, ultrasound available, physiotherapy, behavioral consults, acupuncture, observe and participate in all procedures, surgical scrub in
18 associate veterinarians, boarded surgeons on staff, internal medicine specialist available to consult on all cases
full library with up to date journals, daily rounds lead by boarded internist to review and discuss cases, hospitalized patients diagnoses/care, access to all available continuing education activities that are on-site
Attend and follow schedule, accompany assigned DVM activities, participate in rounds, exam room activities, perform lab work with lab personnel/DVM, scrub into surgery, participate/observe ultrasound and endoscopy procedures, review cases, treatment of patients with attending DVM, perform medical procedures (place catheters, exams, take temp, blood samples, etc) with DVM supervision, advocate for own needs/wants, interface with support staff, licensed veterinary technicians, assistants, client service staff members, keep records confidential, use all safety/security precautions
Written student daily schedule provided with identification of mentoring DVM, proposed rotating activities, availability of other associate DVM's to ask questions, request of input for areas of interest, Student will have full access to all veterinarians on-site when in attendance- 3-8 at a time including specialists, will scrub into general,emergency, and speciality surgeries, will attend DVM daily rounds with DVM's, Students usually scheduled for 6-8 hours daily, up to 40 hours per week generally M-F business hours, may include some evening/weekend hours if Student requests such, no overnights.
local hotel/bed & breakfast--private not through OPVMC
Orchard Park Veterinary Medical Center
3930 North Buffalo Road
Orchard Park, NY 14127
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contact [at] opvmc [dot] net
Susan Springer, DVM
Posted: 02/11/14