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The Oaks Veterinary Clinic



  • This is a mixed practice- the student can choose all small animals, all large, or half and half
  • To become familiar with the role of veterinarians in private practice
  • To develop client communication skills and the ability to work as a team with the support staff

Associate Veterinarians and special expertise available

  • Dr. Heather Edwards- Post Graduate (CE) training in Abdonimal Ultrasound and endoscopy (Clinical Supervisor of elective)
  • Dr. F. Garrett Edwards- Large Animal (Clinical Supervisor of elective)
  • Dr. Amy Bowman- Post Graduate (CE) training in small animal dentistry
  • Other veterinarians at the practice have areas of special interest.

Educational Resources

  • We are a full-service facility providing an in-house lab, ultrasound, endoscopy, Radio surgery, Cryo Surgery, Ambulatory, dental and conventional radiography.
  • Computers
  • Journals


  • Perform physical exams and develop rule outs in addition to making recommendations on diagnostics
  • Perform wellness exams and develop client communication skills.
  • Understand the concepts and recommendations for preventive medicine
  • Work well with the support staff

Student Supervision

  • 45-55 hours per week
  • Surgical procedures and medical diagnostics, tests and evaluations will be under supervision of licensed DVM. Technical training will be supervised by a licensed LVT.



    Practice Information

    The Oaks Veterinary Clinic
    14202 Benns Church Blvd.
    Smithfield, VA 23430

    Ph: 757-357-2324
    Fax: 757-357-5683


    Updated: 04/22/08
    Signature On File: Dr. Heather Edwards, DVM

    Smithfield, VA
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