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Oakridge Equine Hospital

will experience a high case load of lameness exams, orthopedic and soft
tissue sx, a small amount of internal medicine (pleural pneumonia, sick
foals) and a small amount of repro.
have a covered lameness area, lameness pad that is not covered, 2
surgery suites, 1.5 tesla Siemens Symphony MRI, gastroscope, endoscope, 2
Eklin DR machines, My Lab 50 Ultrasound, isolation ward, 35 stalls, 2
exam rooms and an appt for externs to stay.
have a conference room/library with most of the recent textbooks, we
also subscribe to JAVMA, AVJR, Vet Surg, EVE, EVJ. Surgeons, Resident
and Interns are all very approachable with question about cases.
with treatments, assist with lameness exams, and depending of the
comfort level of the surgeon with a particular extern- possibly scrub
into a surgery.
student with be under constant supervision, by the surgeons, resident
or interns, while they are on the clinic floor. Ten hours per day, 5
days a week access to veterinarians.
Yes, when scheduled in advance.
Oakridge Equine Hospital
6675 E. Waterloo Rd.

Edmond, OK 73034
Brent Hague, DVM
Updated: 02/09/11
Edmond, OK
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