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Nunoa Project and North American Camelid Studies Program

  • 1 week camelid veterinary practice course
  • 3 to 4 weeks working in international veterinary medicine in the southern Peruvian Andes with alpaca farmers
intensive 1 week camelid practice course with hands on training and
lectures; handling, physical examinations, nutrition, practical
reproduction, reproductive problem solving, infectious diseases,
vaccinations, GI parasite diagnosis and control

2. 3-4 weeks working with Dr. Purdy and Nunoa Project
veterinarians in the southern Peruvian Andes with alpaca farmers;
performance of ultrasound pregnancy examination, treatment of skin
disease, evaluation of breeding males, training Peruvian alpaca farmers,
field necropsies, GI parasite diagnosis, neonatal examinations
Purdy is President of Nunoa Project and Director of thew North American
Camelid Studies Program; he is an experienced speaker and teacher in
the US and internationally; Member of the Global Outreach Task Force of
the Society for Theriogenology Foundation
  • books
  • course materials provided
  • hands on work with alpacas at the teaching
    and research farm and on regional US and Peruvian farms
  • on line
    resources available for viewing and download on all subjects
full participation in all hands on work and class participation in lectures; team working in Peru and the US
8 hours per day during the work and class periods
yes in Peru, no in the US
Nunoa Project and North American Camelid Studies Program
Stephen R. Purdy, DVM

150 Fearing Street #101

Amherst, MA 01003
Stephen R. Purdy, DVM
Posted: 02/14/14
Amherst, MA
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