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Northwest Veterinary Associates

Externship at a dairy exclusive veterinary practice in Northern Vermont.
6 veterinary dairy practice offers a wide range of clinical dairy vet
experience. The student will be riding with a veterinarian throughout
Northern Vermont. This includes accompanying them on herd health
clinics (which includes palpation, consultation, ultrasounding, etc) and
also on sick cow calls/emergencies. These calls include routine
surgical procedures, diagnosis and treatment of a variety of diseases,
and obstetrical procedures.
Information not provided
Information not provided
To be comfortable and safe working around/with cattle in an on-farm situation

Be able to do a complete physical exam

Have general surgical skills and the knowledge of sterility (will be assisting in surgeries)

To be able follow the veterinarian palpating cows, understanding basic reproductive physiology

To be motivated to learn and have a positive attitude
day begins at 7:30 and goes until all calls are finished (roughly 8-10
hours per day) Monday through Friday. The weekends are considered
"on-call" and the student if they wish can also go on these calls as
they come in throughout the weekend. Can range anywhere from 0 hours-8
hours a day.
Northwest Veterinary Associates
6 Fairfield Hill Rd

Saint Albans, VT 05478
Dr. Jennifer Taylor
Updated: 01/30/12
St. Albans, VT
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