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North Windham Animal Hospital

General Small Animal Hospital
  • 3 Doctor
  • Equipped with digital radiography, digital dental radiography, ultrasound and full in-house laboratory equipment
  • Perform most soft tissue, dental and many orthopedic procedures¬†

Work in a small animal hospital including but not limited to:

  • Assist doctors with appointments, both wellness and sick/injured
  • Aid in treatment of various conditions regularly seen in a small animal hospital practice
  • Aid doctors in performing routine surgeries when appropriate
  • Aid doctors in performing dental procedures including radiography technique and interpretation, extractions and gum treatments
  • Aid doctors in radiography, including technique and interpretation. Will gain a full experience in using digital radiography
  • Aid doctors in daily treatments of hospitalized patients
  • Aid 3 technicians in running all in-house laboratory testing
  • Learn interpretation of laboratory testing and how to integrate this information in patient treatment
  • Perform most receptionist day to day duties
  • Learn many of the hard to learn secrets of good customer service, a strong point of this practice
is a 3-doctor teamwork centered hospital. Candidate will learn to work
with all doctors and the differences in approach, action and treatment
  • Doctors hold in-house education during weekly staff meetings
  • Practice will pay for any local continuing education experience that is deemed to be advantage to the student.
will expect the student to participate in some manner in most if not
all medical casework including taking histories, aiding in examinations,
and suggesting clinical medical/surgical approach to treatment,
monitoring and following up on daily treatment of these patients and to
follow up assigned cases with owners. Student will also have the
opportunity to help technicians in anesthesia monitoring as well as
hands-on surgical assistance in routine cases when appropriate. Student
will also receive training and fully participate in day to day
receptionist duty. Student will receive training and be expected to
discharge routine surgical cases when appropriate.
will be working directly with one of the doctors when not performing
receptionist duties. We would expect approximately 1 hour of desk duty
and 9 hours of hospital duty each day, 5 days each week This will be a
very full schedule and give the student a great understanding of the day
to day duties and procedures in a small animal hospital.
If necessary.
North Windham Animal Hospital
99 Boston Post Rd

North Windham, CT 06256
Todd B Friedland, DVM
Posted: 09/09/2013
North Windham, CT
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