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North Central Veterinary Services, Inc.



We are a mixed animal practice in North Central Ohio. Approximately 40% swine, 40%small animal, 15% dairy, 5% equine/small ruminant/beef. The species that we care for are cats, dogs, cattle, equine, sheep, goats and pigs. Currently we have one full time small animal veterinarian, one full time mixed, mostly large animal veterinarian and one full time mostly swine veterinarin. A student would be welcome to work with any of the vets in the practice depending on the caseload for that day.

Associate Veterinarians and special expertise available

It is somewhat unique that this practice has a strong swine focus. Dr. Todd Price is the veterinarian providing the majority of these services. 

Educational Resources

  • small library of reference books
  • internet access
  • doctor rounds
  • discussions on the road, etc. 


We expect students to show up on time, ready to participate in the day's activities. We enjoy mentoring and working with students, and a student will get as much out of this experience as they desire. We can accomodate some end of day scheduling issues but if we are running farm calls, it's best to not have too many end of day commitments. We can't always make it back to the office at a particular time. We want our students to ask questions, talk to our clients, share their experiences from school and jump right in. We have a fairly relaxed, small clinic atmosphere and the doctors and staff work together to care for the patients. 

Student Supervision

10 hours/day; 5.5 days/week


by prior arrangement

Practice Information

North Central Veterinary Services, Inc.
P.O. Box 369
125 N. Sycamore Ave.
Sycamore,OH 44882

Ph: 419-927-2568
Fx: 419-927-2570


Updated: 2/10/09
Signature On File: Dr. Sally G. Chevalier

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