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I own a mixed animal practice (85% companion) in Springfield Ohio that I started in 1982. I will provide the student with the opportunity to be involved in clinics, surgery, radiography, and farm visits. I intend to give my extern a snapshot of what I do every day, and how I utilize my staff to help me do it.
As I mentioned above, I own a mixed animal practice, with the emphasis on companion animals. I would like the student to see patients with my supervision in the office, assist me in surgery, assist in treatments, assist on farm calls, and basically see how I run my practice.
I received my DVM from Ohio State in 1980. I am a solo practitioner. I have 32 years experience in mixed practice, but no specialty degrees
I have an assortment of textbooks in the hospital, and access to the internet there.
I would like student to see patients with my supervision. I also want student to help me in surgery and on farm visits. I want student to decide the course of action for cases, and to discuss them with me before proceeding. I realize student does not yet have DVM degree, but I wish to allow student to begin developing own style of history taking, and developing a course of action for cases, with my guidance.
I would like student to be present 9 to 10 hours on MTRF, 5 hours on Wednesday, and 4 hours on Saturday. That would be about 48 hours.
could be available
Noll Veterinary Hospital
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Dr. Gregory Noll
Updated: 03/20/12