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New England Equine Medical & Surgical Center


New England Equine Medical & Surgical Center is a private referral and emergency clinic built and outfitted with state of the art equipment in 2005 to meet the increasing demand for specialized, integrated equine veterinary care. Our externship program is structured to be an invaluable learning experience for veterinary students. We make every effort possible to expose you to various aspects of equine veterinary medicine while allowing as much "hands on" opportunities when the situation allows. You will work closely with our patients, clients and staff and are valued an important part of the NEEMSC team. Our hope is that you regard your experience at New England Equine Medical & Surgical Center as an integral part of your journey toward a career in equine veterinary medicine.


Associate Veterinarians and special expertise available

  • Dr. Mike Davis, MS
  • Dr. Omar Maher, DACVS
  • Dr. Andy Kaneps, DACVS
  • Dr. Nick Cassotis, DACVO
  • Dr. Jackie Bartol, DACVIM
  • Trish Henrion, Equine Physical Therapist

Educational Resources

Not available


Basic responsibilities of an extern consist of administration of oral, intravenous, intramuscular and subcutaneous medications, drawing routine blood work, reading packed cell volumes and total solids, intensive care monitoring, fluid administration, supportive care, clipping and sterile preparation of patients and basic restraint for clinical procedures.

Morning and afternoon treatments consist of intensive care evaluations and medication administration. Externs are scheduled for after hours treatments on an as-needed basis. Midnight treatments consist of feeding, watering, medication administration and assisting the intern or technician with any necessary procedures. The extern scheduled for midnight and/or after hours patient monitoring is expected to be available to assist the intern with emergency admissions, intensive case management and emergency surgery when necessary after regular business hours.

Additional checks may be scheduled depending on a patient's status. Of course, externs are certainly welcome to assist during any treatment times for which they have not been scheduled. During the weekend, externs are scheduled to assist the clinical staff with treatments and medical case management. Efforts are made to allow each extern time off during the weekends, scheduling and caseload permitting.

Daily scheduling for an extern is designed to provide varied clinical exposure and participation in hospital case management, outpatient case assistance, and surgery assistance. Externs are scheduled with a different primary clinician/intern team each day. This schedule allows an extern exposure to outpatient, hospital and surgical cases during their visit.

Responsibilities in each of these areas are as follows: Surgery: Responsibilities include assistance in preparation of the surgical patient (radiographs, clipping, blood work, IV catheterization), assisting in induction, surgical preps and intra-operative assistance. Externs are encouraged to ask questions in surgery to optimize their learning experience. Where the situation permits, an extern may have the opportunity to scrub into a surgery, provided they have completed their junior surgery rotation.

Hospital: Responsibilities are centered around routine care of patients in the hospital, from intensive care checks and fluid monitoring to walking, medication administration, wound and other supportive care.

Outpatient: Externs will observe and aid in scheduled outpatient appointments by jogging horses for lameness evaluation, assisting in radiology, endoscopy, ultrasonography, applying sterile preps and restraining horses for procedures. Complete orientation/training of the above described responsibilities and expectations will be provided on the day of arrival.

Student Supervision

An average day can be 8-12 hours long, 7 days a week however we try to give externs at least one day off a week. Our veterinarians and interns are always available for questions and teaching oppertunities.



Practice Information

New England Equine Medical & Surgical Center
15 Members Way
Dover, NH 03820

Ph: 603-749-9111
Fax: 603-749-9118


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