NCSU College of Veterinary Medicine Nutrition Service

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University -based elective rotation in the Clinical Nutrition Service of the NCSU-CVM.
Activities include: development of nutrition support plans for hospitalized and 'at home' patients; critical care nutrition support plans encompassing implementation of assisted feeding techniques; homemade diet revaluation and formulations; journal club discussions; attendance at house special topic seminars; daily case discussions, diet overviews, hand-on labs reviewing nutrition techniques.
Veterinary Teaching Hospital with small animal & large animal hospitals, Animal Health & Wellness Center, classroom teaching facilities, etc. Faculty in all small and large animal specialty areas (most board certified). Two ACVN diplomates (board certified clinical nutritionists).
Journals, books, computer databases, rounds, special topic seminars, etc
Participate in: development and monitoring of daily nutrition support plans for hospitalized patients; journal club and case discussions; client interactions associated with nutrition support of pet; laboratory activities.
Student will be supervised from 8 AM to 5 pm by a clinical nutritionist. Student will have direct access to most of the CVM veterinarians throughout each day (Mon-Fri).
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Nutrition Service
1060 William Moore Drive
Raleigh, NC 27606
NCSUVetNutrition [at] gmail [dot] com
Dr. Korinn E. Saker
Posted: 04/23/2013