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Laboratory animal medicine
This experience is designed to provide exposure to the veterinary specialty of Laboratory Animal
Medicine and is offered to students in the clinical year(s) of the professional curriculum. Students will have the
opportunity to work up clinical cases in the CVM research animal facilities, tour sister institutions in the
Research Triangle, visit a rodent production facility, and become familiar with the workings of Animal Care and
Use Programs and the various regulations that govern the use of animals in research and teaching.
The NCSU CVM has over 100,000 gsf and 1200 acres of space for the housing and direct support of animals used in research and teaching. Students will assist with clinical support in areas managed by Laboratory Animal Resources, including the Central Procedures Laboratory, but will have opportunity to visit other facilities and institutions. Students will work with 3 ACLAM-boarded veterinarians and 5 Veterinary Technicians/Assistants.
Students have access to the CVM library, which has an excellent collection of hard copy and on-line books and journals related to laboratory animal medicine.
Students will spend most of their time assisting veterinary staff with clinical cases and support of research projects. They will read relevant SOPs and complete basic IACUC training; participate in mock IACUC activities involving facility inspection and protocol review; give 2 short presentations; and tour lab animal facilities in the area.
Students are expected to be available for clinical service M-F, 8-6, and have free access to veterinarians at all times. Direct contact with veterinarians will average at least 2 hours/day.
NC State offers affordable guest housing for visiting students.
NC State Univ CVM Laboratory Animal Resources
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Richard Fish
Posted: 01/28/14