National Wildlife Research Center

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Wildlife Disease Research
Student participates in multiple research projects dealing with diseases at the Wildlife/Domestic Animal/Human interface.
  • Jack Rhyan, DVM, MS, Pathologist
  • Pauline Nol, DVM, PhD, Epidemiologist
  • Matt McCollum, Wildlife Biologist
NWRC has excellent library, computer databases, etc. Also students often work with the CSU Veterinary Teaching Hospital.
Be active participant in project work. Good attitude and desire to learn. We attempt to custom-fit each externship to the student's needs and goals.
8 hours a day - 5 days a week
We provide a list of low cost local housing resources.
National Wildlife Research Center
4101 LaPort Ave.
Fort Collins, CO 80521
jack [dot] c [dot] rhyan [at] aphis [dot] usda [dot] gov
Dr. Jack Rhyan/Dr. Pauline Nol
Posted: 10/19/12