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National Aquarium, Baltimore

Aquarium Preceptorship
This veterinary preceptorship/externship opportunity is specifically
designed for students with an interest in aquatic and zoo animal
medicine. Students spend six to eight weeks working in the Animal
Health Department and are exposed to the multi-faceted nature of
veterinary practice in a large public aquarium with over 15,000 animals.
Preceptors are exposed to preventative and clinical medicine. The
majority of the case load consists of reptiles, birds, and fish and
amphibians. The aquarium also has a large dolphin group and some
marmosets, tamarins, bats and sloths. While veterinary staff try to
provide students with as much clinical practice as possible, with the
birds and marine mammals in particular much of the students'
participation is observational. Hands-on experience is provided wherever
possible but is dependent on the experience of the student and comfort
level of the staff. Preceptors are also asked to attend clinical rounds,
present at informal journal rounds, and work on a quiz and
presentation. Preceptors are shown routine clinical laboratory tests and
necropsy protocols and are expected to then carry out these as


An applicant for the Veterinary Preceptorship Program must be a
student in good standing enrolled in an AVMA-accredited school of
veterinary medicine and must have completed the first two years of basic
courses. Preceptors will be selected on the basis of interest in the
field, quality of their course work in veterinary school, and the
strength of their recommendations. Each student will be assigned a
specific 6-8 week time block and overlap between students will be
minimized. Applicants are accepted all year and are considered as they

This is a non-funded program. No funds are available for
remuneration of the student. Students must also arrange for their own
housing, and their own insurance needs (through their school or personal
insurance coverage).


Please contact Dr. Ben Rossi ( regarding applications.

Health Department has endoscopy, ultrasound, digital radiology,
inhalant anesthesia, standard anesthesia monitoring devices (ECG, SpO2,
ETCO2, etc).
Library, online search databases
see description above
Dr. Leigh Clayton, Dr. Kat Hadfield, Dr. Lizzy Arnett

Typical schedule is full days Mon-Fri, half day Sat. Typcial day is 7:45 to 6PM.
National Aquarium, Baltimore
501 East Pratt St.
Baltimore, MD 21146
410 576 3853
410 576 1080
Dr. Leigh Clayton
Updated: 01/27/12
Baltimore, MD